Singapore 2011

Public Programming for the ArtScience Museum

Van Gogh Alive the Exhibition
June-October 2011

This is a series of happenings organised for the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum’s exhibition on Van Gogh Alive. It aims to provide the museum audiences an additional layer in processing their thoughts, senses as well as their ways of seeing such an experiential exhibition. Through presentation of groundbreaking performances in the field of new media technology, Japanese butoh-dance and even the art of skateboarding, the idea behind the public programming is to bring forward a consciousness about contemporary creative practices that are not usually explored within the museum context. The public events will highlight ArtScience Museum’s role in bridging art & science, the conventional vis-à-vis the alternative formats.

Dali: Mind of a Genius
July-September 2011

This comprise of events featuring artistic crossings in music, dance, new media and performance, aimed at drawing pulsating encounters with the audiences of the Dali exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands Art&Science Museum. Through evenings of music and movement, the public programmes will enthrall its guests by the live sensation offered by a new generation of artists responding to the masterworks specifically tailored for this exhibition.

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