The Vantage Point

25 10 2016

Roundtable Discussion on Southeast Asian Contemporary Dance
Weiwuying Arts Festival
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
13 November 2016, 10:30-12:30


Vanini Belarmino joins a select pool of dance professionals & experts from at a roundtable discussion on Southeast Asian contemporary dance during the Taiwan Dance Platform at Weiwuying Arts Festival.

To jumpstart the conversation with the Taiwanese artists, she will be referring to her observations and experiences as General Manager for the recently launched Philippine Dance Biennial, Dance.MNL.

The Vantage Point:  The Philippines vis-à-vis Manila, Companies vis-à-vis Personalities, The Outliers, Scholars and Executive Leadership.







Dance.MNL: The Philippine Dance Festival

26 05 2016

Cultural Center of the Philippines
Star and Aliw Theaters
14-26 June 2016


Courtesy of Ballet Philippines

The new dance biennial in the Philippines, Dance.MNL, has appointed Vanini Belarmino as  its General Manager

Dance.MNL is  focused on uniting and celebrating the Filipino dance community. It is the first time that the three professional dance companies in the country: Ballet Philippines, Philippine Ballet Theatre and Ballet Manila, are coming together in in bringing the Filipino classical, modern and contemporary creations at the stages of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Aliw Theater and Star Theater on 14-26 June 2016.

Supported by the National Commission for Culture and the ArtsNational Commission for Culture and the Arts, this inaugural festival will feature 11 performances, a two-week dance intensive and a conference, gathering more than 500 dance professionals in the metropolis.


Curatorial Residency with Public Art Lab

29 01 2016

Berlin, Germany

ArtScience Late Life Circuit 120614-25

Yuzuru Maeda in “Life Circuit,” ArtScience Late, ArtScience Museum,  Singapore©MarinaBaySands

Vanini Belarmino joins the team of Public Art Lab (PAL) in Berlin as resident curator for 2016. Vanini will be working closely with global new media producer, Susa Pop, on an action-research initiative for Asia.

Within this period, Vanini will look into the variables of curating time-based and site-specific works, and how the consistent element of ephemerality can find its way to notated history.

This residency marks the 8th year of Vanini’s collaborative exchange with Public Art Lab.

Performance in the exhibition space

12 10 2015

World Dance Alliance Symposium
16-18 October 2015

Kae Ishimoto in "The Courtesan Comes to Life" for the ArtScience Museum's Van Gogh Alive, the Exhibition.  Photo: Chia Ming Chien

Kae Ishimoto in “The Courtesan Comes to Life” for the ArtScience Museum’s Van Gogh Alive, the Exhibition. Photo: Chia Ming Chien

What does it mean to curate bodies within the confines of the museum space? What can one expect from a 2-week experimentation between visual new media artist and a classical Khmer & contemporary choreographer/dancer? Or a team of installation arts, sound designer & aeronautics engineer, and a pole dancer, coming together for the first time on a 3-day timetable? What happens after the artistic encounter?

Vanini Belarmino will be presenting her paper on “Seeing through Unpredictability”  during a performative panel at the World Dance Alliance Symposium.

Hypermnesia for ArtScience Late

12 01 2015

featuring Composit formed by Shunsuke Francois Nanjo, Kensuke Christophe Nanjo & Nicolas Charbonnier
in collaboration with Eisa Jocson
ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands
29 January 2015, 8:00 & 9:00 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Eisa Jocson

Photo courtesy of Eisa Jocson

The installation Hypermnesia is the result of artists and an aeronautical engineer working together. The team has developed for this unique occasion an interactive pole installation for the internationally celebrated choreographer/performer Eisa Jocson. The artwork will react to her body heat and movement, and the audience is also invited to interact with the artwork through touch, altering the sound in the background.

Entry is complimentary and on a first come first served basis. ArtScience Museum will be opened until 10pm for every ArtScience Late event.

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Asian Cultural Council Fellowship

21 12 2014

New York City November 2014-April 2015

©Joseph Pe

©Joseph Pe

Singapore-based curator, Vanini Belarmino has been awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship to observe curatorial trends , programming practices and research professional management practices in New York City in the winter of 2014. Originally from the Philippines, Vanini is a self-described “curator for interdisciplinary collaborations,” and has accumulated a broad range of experience as an accomplished organiser of art and cultural projects in a variety of contexts. She has been working in Asia, Europe and the Middle East for more than a decade. This grant is being made in recognition of Vanini’s outstanding work to date and of the important contribution she will make towards the fostering of cultural exchange and global dialogue.

undo for ArtScience Late

2 12 2014

by Andreas Schlegel & Bani Haykal
ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands
11 December 2014, 7pm – 10 p.m.

©Andreas Schlegel

‘undo’ is a three-hour long durational performance installation featuring light, sound, technology and words. Set among a myriad of devices and interventions, including computers and light tubes, ‘undo’ offers glimpse into chaos and order through the slow construction and then deconstruction of the multi-media environment. The performance also seeks to investigate the relationship between meaning, context and subject.

Collaborating for the first time, Andreas Schlegel and Bani Haykal will be presenting a groundbreaking creation of work where spoken words affect an array of light tubes, and vice versa, where the rhythm and feedback of the lights create a response to the performers. This creates a constant dialogue between the digital and the analogue (human).

Entry is complimentary and is on a first come first served basis.

ArtScience Museum will be opened until 10pm for every ArtScience Late event.

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