Belarmino&Partners is an international project management and promotions consultancy for arts and culture. Founded by cultural producer and curator, Vanini Belarmino in Berlin, Germany in March 2008, it seeks to promote professional and international artistic exchanges by offering its expertise in project management, fund raising, public relations, artist management and curatorial consultancy.

To expand its business operations, Belarmino&Partners Singapore was set-up in April 2011, while maintaining its research base for cooperation projects in Europe in the German capital.


Photo: Walkscreen

In March 2008, after receiving the collaboration grant from the Japan Foundation through Performing Arts Japan Europe to realise the project ZENSORS, Belarmino&Partners was set-up with a vision of creating innovative framework for artistic exchanges that can change perspectives. The company commits itself to the development of process-oriented and interdisciplinary initiatives by working in different parts of the world.

Belarmino&Partners aims to contribute to the understanding of peoples and continued development of the arts profession through the establishment of sustainable projects.

If you are seeking professional services in international project management,fund raising, public relations, curatorial consultancy, planning an art/cultural project in Berlin, Asia, Europe or any part of the world, you may contact < info@belarminopartners.com

Belarmino&Partners Singapore Co. Regn. no.: 5318949

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