Life Circuit for ArtScience Late

2 06 2014

Collaborative performance by Urich Lau, Kai Lam and Yuzuru Maeda
ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands
12 June 2014, 8:30-9:45 p.m.


Life Circuit © Urich Lau

Life Circuit © Urich Lau


Life Circuit is an improvised and collaborative performance that navigates through the intersections of performance, video, music, new media, and sound art.  Singaporean artist Urich Lau initiates the collaboration with sound artist Kai Lam and Japanese performer Yuzuru Maeda in the creation of a live video performance installation.  The trio will establish a space for interactivity between their physicality and the gadgets.

Life Circuit is an on-going creation that leverages on the layering of visual and sound from the video and audio wearable gadgets, reconstructed from industrial safety equipment such as welding goggles, gas mask and earmuffs. These gadgets replace the visual, audible and vocal senses of perception and expression.

The work also uses live-feed images and sounds to link to other devices and displays, capturing elements found within the audiences and spaces. Altering human functionality and interactivity, the artist forms a ‘circuit’ between the audience, medium, moving images and sounds.

Entry is complimentary and on a first come first served basis. ArtScience Museum will be opened until 10pm for every ArtScience Late event.

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