Curating Beyond Exhibition Making

2 10 2012

Curatorial Intensive
Independent Curators International
New York, New York
21-30 October 2012

Tree of Life, with a part of the 9-metre high wall that stretches approximately 798 kilometers in the West Bank as its backdrop © Ruthe Zuntz

A curator should have a life beyond exhibition making.  A curator ought to have a spot outside the confines of a gallery or classical museum set-up.  A curator could situate himself/herself under the tree in the photo above;  set-up a hammock and daydream about breathing concepts through its concrete backdrop.  Keep thinking.

From 21-30 October, Vanini Belarmino, Managing Director of Belarmino&Partners, will be joining a selected group of curators in New York City for the Independent Curators International, Curatorial Intensive: Curating Beyond Exhibition Making.

The National Arts Council of Singapore made a generous contribution for Vanini’s participation in this programme.



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