Skin and Walls

21 09 2012

Curated by Vanini Belarmino
Saatchi Art Hallways
Saatchi&Saatchi Singapore
Clarke Quay, Singapore
24 September-31 October 2012

Saatchi&Saatchi Singapore has invited Vanini Belarmino, Managing Director of Belarmino&Partners, to curate the premiere exhibition “Skin and Walls”, for the Saatchi Art Hallways.

Featuring Ziquan Lan, Jahan Loh, Tommy Morris, Joseph Siow and Andrée Weschler, this exhibition combines creative mediums that employ the layerings of the body and the concrete and virtual walls as the canvas in the artistic creation.

“Skin and Walls”sees the initial attempt of Saatchi&Saatchi to bring art, creativity and technology under their roof to allow new inspirations to flourish.



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