Narratives for Europe in Brussels, Belgium

2 06 2010

© Cindy Blažević, Photo Courtesy of Culture Lobby Project

When I received the invitation from Odile Chenal of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) to join their upcoming Advisory Council meeting in Brussels in May 2010, entitled “Narratives for Europe,” it got me into a lot of thinking. The idea of being a part of a European meeting was thrilling. On the outset, knowing that I am to engage along with other “young” cultural entrepreneurs and artists in a discussion on today’s narratives for Europe together with the foundation’s pool of experts and experienced advisors, the whole exercise sounded appealing. But when I reflected on the theme particularly looking into the future, this posted a magnitude of questions. Compelling realities on “trans-national” and “intergenerational” issues reverberate in the present and guaranteed to influence tomorrow are concerns within my immediate environment. One cannot simply brush them off and say, I’m from the other side of the planet.

After all, I live and work in Europe. ECF is giving the opportunity and it is one’s responsibility to seize it. Looking closely into my own work, this invitation served as a wake-up call for to think ahead and examine the borders of the mind as well as processing one’s preconceived notions. What does it mean to be a part of the making of narratives for Europe today? And what about tomorrow?

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